The snow cone machine you power

The Go Go Glacier Snow Cone Machine, also known as the hamster wheel snow cone machine, is a fun and interactive experience for kids and kids at heart.

Each guest gets to make their own snow cone from start to finish, including getting in the wheel to power the ice crusher.

The Hamster Wheel Snow Cone Experience:

  • Your cup is loaded on the 1st conveyor where a hand crank moves it to the ice station.
  • A lever lifts the cup where a second lever opens the ice crusher and ice is added.
  • Blow the whistle and step inside the wheel.
  • One the wheel you power the ice crusher by walking or jogging on the wheel. It takes about 20 second and can be powered by smaller kids.
  • Once you cup is full send it down a 2nd conveyor with another hand crank to the hammer station.
  • A flip of the lever drops a over sized mallet to compact the ice into the cup.
  • One last conveyor moves the cup to the flavor showers where you pick from the 5 available flavors to finish you snow cone.

A Family Friendly Company

Go Go Glacier is family owned and operated from Palmetto FL. We travel to events and festivals up and down the greater Tampa and Sarasota Fl area. We take pride in offering something unique, fun, educational, and family friendly to events. We frequently work with local schools for STEAM and Science Fairs. We want each guest to leave with a snow cone, a smile and a sense of wonder for what can be created.